Nocturnal Landscapes / Early Morning

"This is time-consuming work, with each picture taking a week to complete, compared with the minutes it would require to snap a picture of a similar subject with a camera."


-Janet Kutner, The Dallas Morning News

Kincaid's Nocturnal Landscapes, and Early Morning suite are perhaps the subtlest, yet most technically and emotionally charged work the artist had, up to that point produced. Initially inspired by Winslow Homer's Nocturnes, Kincaid sought to allow the gaps of recognizable imagery in a composition be completed by the viewer. He meticulously used the aesthetics and visual language of both 19th Century landscape painitng, and early 20th Century Pictorialist photography, to evoke a simultaneously Romantic, yet almost ambient atmosphere, based in large part on memories of the Southern United States, in particular the Appalachian terrain of his youth and ancestry.


While seemingly random, these images each represent Kincaid's "memory" of a particular location in his youth, rather than an actual depition of that location. Their instances of brief light amongst deep shadows both flatten and deepen space. In these works, he expands upon his theatrical employment of light and mood to allow the viewer's experience to wander beyond the confines of the picture plane, and in a sly yet methodical fashion affords the viewer just enough information to venture further on their own.