The Trinity Portfolio

“I sincerely hope that these images will focus attention on the need to protect and nurture areas of natural wonder such as these, particularly in rapidly expanding urban areas, The Great Trinity Forest provides this city with an opportunity to escape and contemplate. We have so few places that afford this experience and chance for a connection with the natural world.”

-Ted Kincaid

The Trinity Portfolio by artist Ted Kincaid is a series of fifteen photographic meditations on the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, Texas. Sponsored in part by a  grant by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, The Trinity Portfolio is the culmination of Kincaid’s dedicated year-long study of the largest urban bottomland hardwood forest in America, situated southeast of downtown Dallas. Kincaid’s  portfolio represents his first series of straight, unmanipulated works shown publicly.

“Having grown up in Dallas, I was always looking to other areas of the country for forests, parks and other protected and minimally impacted areas of natural beauty,” Kincaid stated. “It never occurred to me in my younger years that this area ever existed, despite having driven by it regularly for most of my life.”

These  works express the artist’s interest in and respect of the natural world and all the beauty and wonder found within. While the aesthetic and tonal palette of the images reference historical photographic processes, including the Pictorialist movement of the early 20th century, The Trinity Portfolio presents a profoundly contemporary vision of an Eden-like woodland, hidden just minutes away from a major metropolitan center.