Ted Kincaid profiled in a short film by Philip Wier

Dallas filmmaker Philip Wier recently profiled Ted Kincaid for a short film on the artist’s work… Enjoy!

In the Studio: July, 2013…

Ted Kincaid Tondo Thunderhead 511 (Breugel)

Thunderhead 511 (Breugel), 2013 Lacquer on Canvas 48″ Diameter

In the Studio: May, 2013…

In the Studio May 2013


(left) Thunderhead 428 (Bellini), 2013 Lacquer on Canvas 48″ Diameter

(right) Thunderhead 429 (Memling), 2013 Lacquer on Canvas 48″ Diameter

Dallas Morning News profiles Ted Kincaid…

DMN Kincaid April 2013

Kincaid describes his work for the past two decades as “questioning the veracity of the photographic image.” He recalls a favorite television show from childhood titled In Search Of, hosted by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame.

“There were always photographs of ghosts and Bigfoot and UFOs,” Kincaid says. “Even at a young age, I was intrigued by the fact that you could take a picture of something that didn’t necessarily have to exist. If someone is told that something is a photograph, there’s a lot of themselves that goes into interpreting that image.”

Visit the Dallas Morning News for the complete article.

Ted Kincaid: The Terrible Truth / The Beautiful Lie at Talley Dunn Gallery


Talley Dunn Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition of new work by celebrated artist Ted Kincaid. THE TERRIBLE TRUTH / THE BEAUTIFUL LIE will open with an evening reception for the artist on Saturday, March 2nd from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

With the five series of imagery represented in THE TERRIBLE TRUTH / THE BEAUTIFUL LIE, Kincaid continues his exploration into the many possibilities embodied within digitally manufactured compositions and pursues his investigation into the assumed veracity of the photographic image. While technically challenging and complex with their constructed layers of imagery, Kincaid’s Nocturnal Landscape 108 and Open Sea 731 capture the elusive beauty of the sublime found within the natural world, often with a wistful sensibility.

Much to the viewer’s surprise, however, the artist has skillfully fabricated the landscapes to appear as though the images have been “taken” with the camera or re-printed from historic negatives reminiscent of 19th century photography. Whereas the nocturnal landscapes are fabricated completely from scratch, Kincaid’s lunar images, seascapes and vibrantly colored cloud formations highlight the artist’s commanding ability to deconstruct and reconfigure compelling pictures that dazzle the eye and challenge the mind.

A highlight of the exhibition is Kincaid’s Thunderhead 11513, a breathtaking 10′ wide cloud composition that began as an actual photograph but through digital alteration has morphed into an otherworldly image that appears to hover and float within the gallery. Viewers will also have the opportunity to see Kincaid’s special study for the commission he created for the Omni Dallas Hotel. This smaller-scale work provides a rare glimpse into the artist’s unique process and inspiration.

For the past twenty years, Kincaid’s artwork has featured the interplay between painting and photography, at times referencing to the Pictorialist style that dominated photography during the late 19th century, while creating new forms of his own.

Talley Dunn Gallery is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and by appointment. The gallery is located at 5020 Tracy Street, Dallas, Texas 75205. For more information, visit Talley Dunn Gallery’s website .

Earth, Sea & Sky in The Great God Pan is Dead….

Houston’s art blog The Great God Pan is Dead reviews Earth, Sea & Sky at Devin Borden Gallery…

“It used to be an insult to refer to pictures as being literary. Being so described was to suggest that the art in question betrayed its essential nature. But I think the infinitely manipulable nature of digital photographs puts paid to such notions of essentialism. To say then that a work is evocative of some older literary source or genre is no insult. The only issue then is whether it does this well or poorly. I think Kincaid’s images do it very well.”

For the complete review, visit The Great God Pan is Dead

Ted Kincaid: Earth, Sea and Sky at Devin Borden Gallery January 11 – February 23, 2013

DBG January 2012

(left) Nocturnal Landscape 108, 2012 Digital Photograph printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320 gsm 20×16”

(right) Possible Moon 103, 2012 Digital Photograph printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320 gsm 20×16”

The newest photographs of Ted Kincaid bring forth the sense of the sublime that has characterized his work for the past few years.  In his last exhibition at Devin Borden Gallery, Every Doubt That Holds You Here (2011) Kincaid’s subjects — including the moon, ships at sea, icebergs, landscapes– were painstakingly wrought to challenge the viewer to detect any clue that their conceptions were essentially counterfeit.

In Earth, Sea, Sky a similar group of subjects are presented with an equally delightful sublimity combined with a heightened urgency and detailed delicacy.  If a sense of immediacy is one of the hallmarks of photography, here it has been tempered by a painterly veil.  Analysis shows Kincaid uses a number of strategies to ellicit different effects, particularly in his  images of the moon.  In Nocturnal Landscape 108, a bewildering array of stars and the silhouettes of trees evoke a dreamy, romantic mood.  Others such as Possible Moon 103 veer more definitively to the charming with a  mannered artificiality reminiscent of the films of Georges Méliès.

The exhibition opens with a reception for the artist on Friday, January 11 from 6-8 PM.

Devin Borden Gallery is located at 3917 Main Street in the historic Isabella Court building in  Houston, Texas.  Gallery hours are 10:30 am to 5:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Call the gallery for more information 713-529-2700.

Ted Kincaid profiled in January’s Houston Magazine…


Other Nature: Dallas-based Houston favorite Ted Kincaid returns with a bold new show that’s part landscape, part escape.”

For a link to the digital edition of the magazine, visit Houston Magazine.



Talley Dunn and Ted Kincaid profiled in Modern Luxury’s Art and Power Issue…

Talley Dunn and Ted Kincaid are featured in Dealer's Choice in the December 2012 issue of Modern Luxury Dallas  Magazine.

Talley Dunn and Ted Kincaid are featured in Dealer’s Choice in the December 2012 issue of Modern Luxury Dallas Magazine.

“We asked five of our favorite gallerists to pick just one significant regional artist from their stables of top talent. A series of portraits documents some of the most fruitful partnerships in town.”

Click on the image above for a direct link to the issue.

In the Studio: Summer Updates…

From Ted: “It’s been an incredibly busy and productive summer in the studio, juggling the organization of multiple projects, making new work and prepping for two new solo exhibitions. We are in the formative stages of two major projects with David Lewis of Stephen F. Austin University Press: 1)  a hardback monograph on my recent work to be printed  and bound in Padua, Italy and 2) a photogravure portfolio of Texas photographers featuring my work as well as the work of fellow Texans Keith Carter and Nic Nicosia. I’m very excited about both projects and will keep you updated as they progress. Additionally, there will be solo exhibitions of new work at Devin Borden Gallery in January of 2013, and Talley Dunn Gallery in March of 2013. The work for both shows is in various stages of completion, and it is always a bit stressful to see so much unfinished work laying around the studio, however four pieces that had been vexing me all summer all seemed to resolve themselves simultaneously yesterday, which was a big relief. I’ll be hunkering down for the next few months tying all the loose ends together. Happy Summer to everyone and please keep checking back for posts on the upcoming projects, exhibitions and new work!”

(above) Calm Sea 825, 2012 Digital Photograph printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320 gsm 24×24”