Liliana Bloch Gallery Announces Representation of Ted Kincaid

Ted Kincaid Will Have His First Survey in 2023

Liliana Bloch Gallery is proud to announce the representation of Dallas-based artist Ted Kincaid. Ted Kincaid will have a survey exhibition in 2023 and will be an active participant in LBG’s public art program URBANO creating multi and interdisciplinary projects related to the artist’s explorations and intersections between poetry, dance, video, and queerness.


Kincaid has systematically subverted the notion of an objective photographic record and examines the play between painting and photography. His work explores the discourse between a manufactured image and an actual photograph and encompasses a myriad of art-making processes, both historical and modern. He pivots seamlessly between historical photographic media, hand drawing, ceramic murals, printmaking, and digital processes.


Both Kincaid and gallerist Liliana Bloch are passionate about issues regarding human rights LGBTQ+ and BIPOC equality, and environmental collapse. They are very much looking forward to their collaborative adventure.

February 24, 2022