In The Studio

"Ted Kincaid invents unrealities through photography, and in the process he reinvents the medium. If the photograph has always been about a negotiation between the original and the copy, reality and the ersatz, Kincaid's re-embodiment of the photographic image takes heed of only part of the equation.   He shears this dyad of half of its load, making photographs that merely suggest reality.The camera is still the prevaricator of the real, but what it prevaricates — the stuff of its picturing — is up for grabs."


-Charissa Terranova, Glasstire

“I would love to say that if you walked into my studio, you’d be confronted with a scene like something Roald Dahl would envision, but, honestly, watching me work would be like looking over the shoulder of an accountant at their desk. So much of my working process involves the time to stare at something I’ve created and decipher whether its worth something, or a misstep, or even a synapse misfire. That process can take years, and I’ve considered the studio my brain displayed on the walls, and not necessarily something I’d like to welcome someone else into. And so that intimate creative space is something I guard closely and tend to severely limit access to.


I have had, over the years, a myriad of different studio situations… some very public, and some limited to the space on my couch between my two dogs, and across from the love of my life. But I do know that keeping such a private presence can lead to a bit of a loner survivalist (Uni-Bomber) impression, so here is the space to share with you what I think really might be working but could get reworked or scrapped at any given moment. There have been works I have considered almost complete, then realized that they were, in fact, meditations upon something else entirely, and need to be dismantled and rebuilt, or scrapped… or cannibalized. In any sense, what is posted here are sketches and not finished works... or maybe they are. Enjoy…”